An open-source RHEL fork built by the team at CloudLinux, inspired by the community.


Welcome to AlmaLinux OS, a new RHEL fork from the team at CloudLinux. A free Linux OS for the community, developed in close co-operation with the community.

Why “Alma” ? At CloudLinux, we have benefited from the dedicated, nourishing efforts of the Linux community – just like everyone else that relies on a Linux-powered OS.

This community is the soul of Linux – and in the spirit of a dedicated community, we decided to call our new distribution Alma: a Latin-language word for soul.

We intend to deliver this forever-free Linux distribution in Q1 2021 – initially built by our own expertise, but owned and governed by the community.

AlmaLinux Mirrors

Mirrors are extremely important to provide a fast and reliable infrastructure, and we are very grateful to people and organizations that are helping us with this.

ipv6 ready